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Lava flowing into the sea at Hawaii's Volcano National Park, February, 1995.

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    World Wide Web Proxies - May 1994 by Kevin Altis and Ari Luotonen

Note that the proxy paper HTML has not been modified from its original form published in 1994. Consequently, many external URL references and bio links for the authors won't work. However, the paper and associated figures are viewable.

    Accessing Internets World-Wide Web Through Object Linking and Embedding Technologoy
        United States Patent 5,896,533
        Filed: July 6, 1995
        Granted: April 20th, 1999
        Inventors: Daniel Ramos, George Cox, Kevin Altis

Note that Patent is in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat to view the document. Alternatively, you can see a version in HTML format at the US Patent and Trademark Office or at the IBM Intellectual Property server.

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